Guild Presidents' Summit

Makerere University

Monday, 15th April, 2024

Join us at the Guild Presidents' Summit, a prestigious gathering of former Guild Presidents from Higher Institutions of Learning in Uganda. Explore strategies for political engagement, academic freedom, and collaborative governance, and contribute to the strengthening of Uganda's democracy.


Re-ignite Civic Participation

Promote political engagement and awareness among former Guild Presidents to actively participate in political discussions and activities in Uganda.

Promote Freedom and Integrity

Explore strategies for promoting academic freedom and integrity within higher education institutions.

Facilitate Collaborative Initiatives

Foster collaborative initiatives among student leaders across generations for national development and governance.

Summit Highlights

Theme: Legacy and Leadership Continuum: The Power of knowledge and Cross-generational Learning

Keynote Speaker: Hon. Nobert Mao, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and Former Guild President Makerere University, 1990-1991

Chief Guest: HE. Jakaya Kikwete, former President of the United Republic of Tanzania

Panel Discussions

- The Role of Education in Shaping Civic Leaders

- Youth Engagement in Policy Formation

- Gender Inclusivity in Political Processes

- The Future of Higher Education: Navigating Technological Disruption

Networking Session: Yes

Interactive Q&A: Yes

Expected Outcomes

  • Creation of a networking platform for Guild Presidents as political and development actors.
  • Increased awareness and commitment among former Guild presidents to actively engage in political processes and discussions.
  • Recommendations and strategies for enhancing democratization and inclusivity in university governance.
  • Enhanced collaboration between academia and student leadership, leading to concrete initiatives benefiting universities and the broader community.
  • Re-uniting and strengthening of the University Guild Presidents Movement for future advocacies and direct political participation.
  • Establishment of the groundwork for an Annual Guild Presidents’ Summit.


One-day event on Friday, 12th April 2024 at Makerere University.

Collaboration with development partners, universities, corporate sponsors, and relevant organizations for support.

Comprehensive promotional campaign through social media, university networks, and alumni associations.

Proceedings documented and shared with attendees for future reference.


The Guild Presidents’ Summit will serve as a milestone event, offering former student leaders a unique opportunity to reconnect, share experiences, and grow as leaders contributing to the strengthening of Uganda's democracy. Through collaboration and knowledge exchange, the summit will inspire commitment to support the academy, contribute to personal and professional development, and make a positive impact on society.

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